Takeri Private Reserve is located on the Kafue river, approximately 100km north east of the Kafue National Park in central Zambia, Africa. The ranch is on 8,000 acres of pristine land, 12km of fencing run on one section of the reserve, with approximately 16 km of Kafue river frontage making up the main boundary. There are no internal fences and no commercial farming takes place on the property.

The vegetation is predominantly Miombo woodland and Brachystegia forest with extensive Dambos and flood plains along the river. We have one dam and excellent fishing. Over two hundred Sable are found on the property. Other species found are Defassa Waterbuck, Kafue Lechwe, Common Duiker, Blue Duiker, Bushbuck, Puku, Reedbuck, Zebra, Eland, Warthog, jackal, and smaller mammals such as Honey Badger and Serval. We have abundant bird-life and this includes the elusive Pels fishing owl and Rose’s Laurie to name just a few.

The Lodge

The lodge consists of a dining room and lounge and bar area, both with indoor fireplaces to keep you warm in the winter months, and an outside veranda for breakfast and brunches. Guest accommodation is in a separate en-suite chalet, well decorated and comfortable. Our aim is to create a warm atmosphere and attend to individual needs.

Takeri is a privately owned reserve owned by Mike Taylor. Being a private reserve we set our own quotas, and all of our animals are under a certificate of ownership from ZAWA.


Please contact Mike Taylor if you are interested in hunting with us, and he will provide you with a custom package to your requirements.